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42 Years of Knowledge, Experience, and Longevity
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42 Years of Knowledge, Experience, and Longevity

Are you currently residing in the GTA? From Mississauga to Milton, Toronto to Burlington, G.J Macrae is ready to serve you!

About G.J Macrae

G.J Macrae is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1975. At G.J Macrae, our staff are licensed waterproofing specialists. Over the past 42 years, we have completed over 10,000 projects for customers located all throughout the GTA.

Your home is full of memories, why let the memories go to waste? From contractors and plumbers to self-proclaimed handymen and DIY projects, when it comes to the well-being of your home you need someone who specializes. Why settle for someone who lacks expertise? At G.J Macrae, we specialize in what we do. We coined the term foundation repair over four decades ago and by focusing on what we do best, we have become masters and know the ins and outs of basement and foundation repair. Over the years, we have gathered more than enough insight and experience to keep your home high and dry for years to come.

Our Expertise

To give you peace of mind we ensure that all of our staff is WHMIS trained, fully licensed, and insured. Not only are we licensed specialists in basement waterproofing, crack repair, window wells, weeping tile systems, sump boxes and sump pumps, we are also structural repair specialists, specializing in structural foundation repair, underpinning crawl space repair, bowing and buckling walls, and footing and cold room repairs.

Importance of Good Home Maintenance

You probably don’t pay much attention to the structure of your home until something goes wrong. Whether it’s a small leak in your basement or the sudden appearance of cracks in the walls of your foundation, at G.J Macrae it is our responsibility to ensure that these things are professionally taken care of to prevent the situation from getting worse! Unbeknownst to you, these small cracks and leaks may actually be a symptom of something more serious. The only way to stop the gradual deterioration of your foundation is to waterproof your basement. As a homeowner, it is your job to call in a professional to get down to the root of the problem.

While you may not be interested in leaving the current house you reside in, in the future if you do decide to sell your home, cracks, and leaks, whether big or small can ultimately deter the value of your home.

Why G.J Macrae

Don’t be fooled by contractors and exotic repair methods, trust the industry leaders, trust G.J Macrae. At G.J Macrae, we’re foundation experts. We’ve been in business since 1975 and have over 40 years of experience. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness and our expertise. In all those years in business, we’ve seen every scenario possible and have gained the skills needed to get the job done.

What Makes Us Different

One of the most important elements when it comes to hiring a contractor to complete your waterproofing project is the warranty that comes with the service. Many companies nowadays offer cheap and quick fixes for waterproofing and structural repairs. While this might be the cheaper alternative in the short-term, these methods more than likely do not suffice in the long run.

At G. J Macrae we don’t sell products, we sell expertise. Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a trend towards the number of contractors who claim to also be basement repair specialists. Sometimes what ends up happening is a misdiagnosis, the use of improper repair techniques, or poor workmanship. This can lead to the problem actually worsening and costing more than it would have if you had called a professional when signs of the problem first emerged.

What is happening nowadays, is that homeowners hire inexpensive contractors who claim that they can get the job done at a fraction of the cost. Reality will soon hit when they realize that is not the case. These victims will soon realize that they will get what they paid for. These complex waterproofing and drainage considerations, coupled with false promises is what usually drives these amateur waterproofing contractors out of business. In the end, when they close their doors for business, these homeowners are left with void warranties and more damage than they initially had.

What makes us different beyond our expertise is our 15-year transferrable warranty. We like to see our customers happy, that’s why at G. J Macrae, our goal is to finish your job in an efficient, professional manner. We know however, that things happen and better opportunities arise. Just because you decide to move, doesn’t mean that your home’s warranty should have to come to an end! With our 15-year transferrable warranty, the existing warranty on your foundation repair is automatically transferred to the new homeowner, and you’ll have that in writing. That means that if you decide to sell your property, the warranty will be transferred to the buyer.

Contact Us

Does your home look like it could use a little TLC? Don’t let a leaky basement or cracks in your foundation stop you from enjoying your home or stop you from getting the best value for it. Contact your #1 basement and foundation specialists in the GTA, G.J Macrae! Our team is only satisfied if you are! If you are located in the GTA, be sure to contact G.J Macrae for all of your foundation needs at 905-824-2557 or visit our website to request a FREE no obligation quote today!

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