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Building Toronto Home Equity with Basement Crawl Space Expansion
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Building Toronto Home Equity with Basement Crawl Space Expansion

The housing market in Toronto continues to climb with no cooling period in sight. This is causing many residents to search for and consider different ways to increase their home’s equity. Many homeowners begin with a traditional renovation of the house. From revamping the kitchen to completely redoing the bathroom, renovations are used to attract potential buyers to open houses and push them to submit an offer. This tactic may create a certain allure but it does not provide a buyer with what they need in this overcrowded city – additional space.

There are ways to add square footage to your home. Additions to homes and creating extensions involves tedious paperwork and large sums of money. But what if instead of building up, you dig down? That’s where basement underpinning comes in.

What is Basement Underpinning?

Basement underpinning involves strengthening your foundation walls and adding depth to your existing crawlspace. This is necessary if a foundation was originally constructed poorly or if you are planning on adding additional weight to the home. While these are some of the most common reasons, there are also other reasons that people hire the experts at GJ MacRae for basement underpinning:

  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Basement Walkout Repair
  • Bowing/Buckling Walls
  • Sinking Foundation
  • Footing Repairs
  • Crumbling Foundation
  • Cold Room Repair
  • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Many people, however, choose basement underpinning not because there is an issue with their existing foundation, but to increase their basement ceiling height. They do this in order to turn their crawlspace into a more spacious and luxurious basement that enables them to have ceiling heights of over 9ft!

Check out this video of the experts at GJ MacRae explaining basement underpinning.

How to Start

When you decide to build your home’s equity in Toronto through basement crawlspace expansion, there are several steps you must complete.

Engineering Assessment

When underpinning a basement, it is extremely important that you seek expert advice. An engineer will visit your home, hear your concerns and goals, and then survey the structure. The engineer will then provide you with an assessment of the amount of work required.

Engineer Drawing

The engineer that you hire to assess your crawlspace will provide you with a drawing of the way that the job should be handled and a design of how the final basement should look. These drawings will be extremely detailed and inform the individuals that you hire to complete your basement underpinning to specification.

Expert Execution Quote Based on Engineer’s Drawings

The experts at GJ MacRae will analyze the engineer’s drawings and develop a step-by-step plan of execution. Based on these drawings the team will provide you with an estimate that will be determined by the linear footage and the height that is being added to your basement.

Why Underpin your Basement

There are many different reasons why people choose to underpin their basement. Some of these reasons include adding square footage or creating a rental space – but the ultimate goal is to add an additional value to the house.

Additional Space

Square Footage

When you opt to undergo basement underpinning your crawl space will be transformed into a full basement. This will increase both the square footage of your home and subsequently the value of your property. You can finish the basement after the underpinning and add an additional living room, bedroom, bathroom and in some cases, even a kitchen!

At Home Caretaker

Another great use for a finished basement is to provide an at home caregiver with a comfortable place to live. The extra space is perfect for giving your caregiver their own private space while keeping them close enough in case of emergency.

Additional Income

Underpinning your basement can increase the value of your home and lead to additional income opportunities.

Rental Space

If your basement is finished, then you can choose to turn it into a rental space. Basements are a very popular space for Torontonians to rent. This involves an extra budget to include one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. However, the rental income would soon offset the initial investment over time.

If you choose not to rent the space for long periods of time, you can also post your basement suite on the short-term rental market. Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular in the Greater Toronto Area with individuals opting to use it instead of staying at a hotel.

Office Space

A finished basement can be a great space for an office! Whether it’s for you to work at home or as a separate studio for additional income, this space can help you separate work and play and even bring in additional income!


GJ MacRae

The experts at GJ MacRae have been repairing foundations since 1975. Whether you live in Toronto or Mississauga, Etobicoke or Milton, the team at GJ MacRae will help you achieve the basement of your dreams and increase your home equity!

The GJ MacRae Difference

Wondering what separates GJ MacRae from other basement underpinning companies in the GTA? GJ MacRae has a specially designed VibroPak Underpinning System. This system was invented by the owner, John MacRae. With this tool and our hard-working team, you can achieve up to 9 feet of clearance in your basement. This can help you turn that dream listing price from a dream into a reality!


GJ MacRae’s basement underpinning also comes with a transferable warranty. This means that when you sell your home, you can transfer the warranty to the buyer. That’s another added selling feature! The experts at GJ MacRae specialize in foundation repair, waterproofing and basement crack repair. Who better to trust with underpinning your basement!


Basement underpinning requires an initial investment that may seem on the higher side at first, however, the cost is entirely worth it as the overall value and usable space of your home increases. Stand out from the rest of the homes on the market in Toronto with a finished basement with a full ceiling height! If you’re considering building your Toronto home equity by expanding your basement crawlspace, contact the experts at GJ MacRae today!

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