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From Damp Crawlspace to Awesome Man Cave
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From Damp Crawlspace to Awesome Man Cave

No house is complete without a man cave. Maybe now is the time for you to begin your long-awaited project. Basements have all sorts of uses and if you use yours creatively, you can make the ideal man cave.

Before beginning any new basement project, check every aspect of the basement. Make sure to install proper ventilation, lighting and cover any hazardous beams. If you are starting your basement from scratch and it is a dark crawlspace, you may need to underpin the foundation before doing anything elseUnderpinning is the Process of strengthening and increasing the depth of the foundation of a building. If there are visible cracks wider than a ¼ inch then this faulty foundation will have to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Once fixed and covered, it is time to list all the ideas for the project. What type of look and feel do you want your man cave to have?

Here’s a compiled list of suggestions and ideas to add to your ideal man cave so you can begin to enjoy your private space. You can even share it with friends and family, who will surely be jealous of this awesome concoction.

1. Make Home Brewed Beer


–       3 gal. pot

–       Tubing and clamp

–       Airtight fermenting bucket

–       An airlock and stopper

–       Bottle filler

–       Thermometer

–       Bottles

–       Bottle brush

–       Bottle capper

–       Bottle caps

–       Sanitizing solution


–       Unhoped Pale Malt Extract – 6 lbs

–       East Kent Golding hops – 2.25 Oz

–       Package of Wyeast American Ale liquid yeast – 1

–       Priming Sugar – 2/3 cups

Brewing Process

–       Sanitize all equipment and clean with soap and water to ensure the beer will not become contaminated

–       Heat 2.5 gallons of water in the brew pot

–       Add crushed grains in the bag

–       Once boiled, remove pot from heat source

–       Add the Pale Malt Extract and stir Wort

–       Dissolve Malt Extract, stir thoroughly then return Wort to boil

–       Add Hops after an hour of boiling then cool Wort below 100°F

–       Sanitize fermenting equipment then transfer Wort to Fermenter

–       Fermentation takes approximately a week at 65°F

–       Once air bubbles appear, that is when the Wort is fermented

–       By day 5, check beer. Once air bubbles have disappeared, the beer is ready to be bottled

–       Before bottling, prepare a sugar based solution in a saucepan with 2 cups of water and ¾ cup corn sugar

–       Boil, then cool for 30 minutes

–       Transfer beer into a bottling bucket. Fill siphon hose with water then place the opposite end of siphon to fermenter and one into the bottling bucket

–       Now, fill bottles with beer. Leave bottles in a cool, dark space to carbonate. Let sit for 2 weeks, then enjoy!

2. Home Cinema Projectors

Home Cinema Projectors range from $350 – $2,000, which is a large jump in price. Depending on your intended use and how much you are willing to spend for the quality, you may want to set aside some money and carefully choose the best projector for your needs. Here are some suggestions with details:

Epson Home Cinema 1450 3LCD Projector – $1,999.99

–       1080p for clear and sharp images

–       4200 Lumens

–       3LCD

–       3x colour brightness

–       Easy set-up

–       2x HDMI ports

–       Can stream shows

–       Indoor and outdoor use

–       Multiple colour modes

–       2-year limited warranty

LG Minibeam LED Projector (PH550) – $547.00

–       720p

–       16:9 aspect ratio

–       Lightweight

–       Decent video quality

–       Bluetooth

–       Built-in TV tuner

–       Many connection choices

OCDAY 2800 Lumens Video Projector – $190

–       720p HD

–       Project onto screens up to 200 inches

–       Small and portable

–       Built-in speakers

–       Standard HDMI, USB, AV ports


3. Basement Designs

The flooring choice in your basement could be tile, vinyl, carpet or even laminate. Depending on the look you want to achieve, choose the right colour palette for your space. For a smooth look, keep colour consistency and style throughout the entire space.

Install pot lights for increased brightness and visibility. For fun, add funky lighting to give your space character. Even different coloured light bulbs work!

Add a TV to a wall bracket or even install a large, theater screen so that you can make optimal use of your projector and install surround sound speakers for the ultimate movie viewing experience.

For added comfort, purchase comfy couches and separate lounger chairs. For children, add colourful bean bag chairs. For gamers, create square spaces in the wall next to the screen or below to store all movies and games

Install fancy tear drop lighting over a bar counter with comfortable stools for the adult crowd. If budget allows, a pool table makes for a great space filler and fun evening of drinks and a good ol’ billiards game. If you are an avid poker player, feel free to add roulette and poker tables for a casino-like space.

For the sports fanatics, increase the comfort with large, cushioned chairs and a table that is big enough to maximize the amount of food and drinks it can hold. If you have jerseys that you do not wear or keep for its value, frame them and align them on one of the walls. If you played any sport and want to keep any equipment you can place them in a glass case so that they are still visible for guests to see.

If you really want to go all out, you can add gaming systems in a vertical cabinet so that they look neat and tidy with all the cords and wires hidden.

Add cabinets of different sizes for increased storage space. Hide as much as possible to keep the space ready for entertaining.


4. Work Stations

For those who enjoy building custom cabinetry, the ideal work station comes in handy.


–       Tape measure

–       Wood, ¾ inch plywood

–       Drill dowel jig

–       Wood glue

–       2 ½ inch screws

–       Spackle

–       Primer and paint

–       Stud finder

–       4-foot level


–       Measure space

–       Scale design

–       Using table saw, cut ¾ inch plywood

–       Assemble pieces, measure placement of dowel holes then drills holes into face frame

–       Pour wood glue inside the dowel holes and hammer them in

–       Clamp pieces then dry

–       Glue cleats to the bottom and apply glue on edges

–       Nail the face frame to one side and the other

–       Once assembled, fill in the nail holes with spackle and seal surface with primer then paint

–       Remove baseboards. Use the stud finder and hang the cabinets. Screw studs with 2 ½ inch screws

–       Attach hinges and hang doors

–       Do any touch ups as needed. Install drawer pulls and any baseboards that were previously removed


5. Computer/Gamer Chairs

Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair – Black/Red – $499.00

–       4D movement armrests

–       Full adjustability

–       Stability

–       Neck and lumbar pillows wrapped in PU leather

–       Seat recline between 90 and 180 degrees

AKRacing Player Gaming Chair – Blk/Blu – $349.00

–       Comfort

–       Back support

–       Durable

–       PU leather cover

–       Metal 5-star base

AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair – Blk/Wht – $299.00

–       PU leather cover Metal

–       Adjustable armrest

–       Pillow sets


Once everything comes together, it’s time to enjoy your finished basement and start entertaining! Visit our website for details and let us help you with your next project

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