Flooded Basement Mississauga
Flooded Basement Mississauga

Health Hazards Of A Flooded Basement In Mississauga

“Health is wealth” as the popular saying goes, but how well do you acknowledge this when the basement or any part of your house is flooded? Most people only reflect on the physical damages caused by the flood while they ignore the vital part which is health damage. But the question that may come to your mind is likely to be: how does a flooded basement pose a health threat you and your family? That is what this article is all about. Here are some ways a flooded basement in Mississauga can be hazardous to your health some of which you are likely not aware of:

The Flooded Basement Becomes a Breeding Ground for Disease Causal Organisms

Disease causal organisms such as mold and mildew are well adapted to cold and damp areas and they usually breed therein. When the building materials becomes saturated due to flooding, they become an ideal habitat for them breed. These organisms are said to affect people with asthma, making breathing difficult for them. Mold causes diarrhea and nausea. Research has also shown that mold due to flooded basement causes cancer.

Standing water is also an ideal environment for bacteria breed and grow. If at all there is any carpet or carpet material on the floor of your basement, you should consider removing or replacing it as the padding underneath it soaks up flood damage making bacteria and other life-threatening organisms to settle.

When Building materials such as thin sheets of plywood, plasterboards and insulations get damp, they become an ideal breeding ground for mice, carpenter ants and mice. This pest is well adapted to damp areas, they hide behind the wall unnoticed and they reproduce in hundreds in a very short period of time.

Electric Hazard

Another danger of having a flooded basement is the risk of electrocution. When damaged and soggy materials come in electrical wires or circuitry on panels or within the walls, they pose a grave danger when come in contact with and can cause death in seconds.

Risk of Fire Outbreak

Ignoring a flooded basement can increase the risk of fire breakout. How is this even possible? Wet materials have high chances of disintegrating and can dislodge a gas line. When the gas line in the basement of your house become exposed, the basement become the house of a potential bomb.

Risk Posed by Building Materials

Many of the old houses around are made up of hazardous building materials such as asbestos insulation and lead paints. Inhaling such chemical can be life threatening. Also, when these old building materials are saturated with water, they have the potential to fall to the floor or on someone or something causing injury or damage.


Any problem can be easily solved when act quickly upon. If you have a flooded basement in Mississauga , it is better to seek for assistance early before it cause any physical damage or health challenge. When treated thoroughly and quickly, flooded basement in Mississauga will not pose any problem. As the owner of the house, you will have yourself to blame if you neglect these facts and place you and your family’s life in danger. Such act can simply be described as “intentional act” or “careless act”


Flooded Basement Mississauga
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