Mississauga Basement Floor Damage
Mississauga Basement Floor Damage

The Right Floor Covering To Prevent Mississauga Basement Floor Damage

Are you renovating your basement? Then it is essential to consider the best flooring to use to prevent Mississauga basement floor damage.

One major causes of floor damage is flooding. Cost-conscious homeowners know that using the right materials for basement flooring when remodeling is paramount. Outlined below, are some ideal flooring for your basement and some not so ideal ones.

Concrete and Ceramic Tiles

They are a great option when choosing flooring materials. Concrete sealed with sealer or epoxy paint are great water resistant materials and they last long too. Ceramic is not such a great option because they crack or chip easily.


Hardwood is the beautiful floor covering inside the home, but they are a terrible choice for basement flooring. One major reason would be because hardwood is easily destroyed by moisture or water. Basements are usually below grade and as such, they are easily affected by flooding. Even if you stay in a vicinity where flooding rarely occurs using hardwood is still not ideal. Extreme humidity levels cause wood to swell and then contract causing a high chance of fissure, crack or split to the floor covering.


This was once marketed as a better alternative to hardwood for basement flooring but has now proven to be just as bad.

Laminate is held together by glue which makes water penetration harder than hardwood. However, the damage is rapid once the water manages to penetrate its inner layer.

Engineered Wood

Although they are a better option than laminate, due to its plywood base which is resistant to water, they are still not an ideal choice for basement flooring. Engineered wood cannot withstand prolonged exposure to water, and they end up damaging quickly.


Bring an oil-based product linoleum are excellent for repelling water. They are used widely in floor covering because of their durability and antibacterial qualities. However, if you want to maintain its look, it is essential you coat your linoleum covering with an acrylic sealer (this should be repeated once every year).


Vinyl is great basement floor covering. Despite it being a lot expensive than other floor coverings such as hardwood they are cost-effective in the long run. Vinyl is made up of plastic which is water resistant and as such last longer than hardwood. They are available in sheet style and tiles. Sheet style being preferable because they have lesser seams which equally less possibility of water is penetrating.


This might come as a surprise, but carpets are really great for preventing Mississauga basement floor damage. Carpets are easy to lift up and as such can be easily brought out to dry off when flooding occurs making it a cost-effective option for flooring.

Epoxy Sealed Concrete Flooring

If you are looking for a floor covering that is easy to install, inexpensive, and requires low maintenance, then you should consider an epoxy sealed concrete flooring for your basement. The epoxy sealant is a trade-off, and it will keep your basement floor cold and hard. It is not also affected by water damage. It is highly resistant to bacteria and germs. With occasional wet mop and regular sweeping, your floors will always remain clean. One other benefit it has is that it protects your floors from stains and cracks. This will prevent any Mississauga basement floor damage.


Mississauga Basement Floor Damage
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