Foundation Repair Milton

Since 1975, G.J. MacRae has been family-owned and operated. They are licensed specialists in basement waterproofing, addressing any number of various waterproof-related issues. Now, G.J. MacRae serves Milton. So, whether you’re learning about underpinning, how to waterproof a foundation wall, sealing exterior basement walls, crack repair or basement lowering for your beautiful Milton home, G.J. MacRae can provide these services, and many more, to you at an affordable price.

Waterproofing foundation walls, how to waterproof foundation, how to waterproof a basement from the inside, how to waterproof a basement from the outside, interior waterproofing membrane, damp proofing vs. waterproofing and fixing basement leaks are just a fraction of the services we do at G.J. MacRae.

Foundation Repair Milton: Basement Flooding, Crack Repair, Weeping Tiles, Underpinning, Sump Pumps, Window Wells

With our professional waterproofing service, we have helped thousands of homeowners improve their living space. At G.J. MacRae, we are WHMIS trained, fully licensed, insured and home of the transferable warranty. Best of all, we are available all year so you never have to worry about your basement leaking at an inopportune time because, at G.J. MacRae, there is no such thing as an inopportune time. So, whether you need to waterproof inside basement walls in time for the playoffs, want to know how to fix a leaky basement before your Halloween party or need expertise on weeping tile installation in the middle of winter, G.J. MacRae will be there to address any needs, questions or concerns you may have.

So, if you live in Milton and are in need of foundation repair, be sure to visit us or give us a call today for a free quote. At G.J. MacRae, we are committed to making your home as beautiful as possible, making it the safest, most luxurious place for your family and friends. Once you have G.J. MacRae on your side, never will you have to wonder about future leaks and never will you have to worry about whether the next rainstorm will cause any floods.

At G.J. MacRae, we serve Milton and their residents the way they deserve to be treated: with respect and professionalism. So, visit us or give us a call today and see exactly what G.J. MacRae can do for you. 905-824-2557