Underpinning MacRae Vibropak System

Basement Underpinning Toronto

We help Toronto & Mississauga homeowners improve their living space and add thousands of dollars to their home equity – using our specially designed VibroPak Underpinning System – Invented by owner, John MacRae.

You can achieve additional headroom, up to 9 feet clear, making that Basement Apartment or Sports Palace a reality! Put our 35+ years of experience and expertise to work for you. Call us at (905) 824-2557 for details.

MacRae VibroPak Underpinning System

Getting Started

We can recommend an Engineer!

Step 1. Engineer’s Assessment – Present your wish list here!
Step 2. Engineer creates drawings for underpin.
Step 3. MacRae Foundation Repair quotes from drawings.

The MacRae VibroPak Underpining System is priced per running linear foot; based on a perimeter calculation. To determine your property’s perimeter, you must add your length plus your width and multiply by 2.

Example: P = (L+W)2
P = (30+25)2
P = (55)2
= 110 running linear feet

Your specific cost is determined by your Engineer’s plans and the number of feet you’re adding to the height of your basement. We would be happy to give you an idea of cost before you invest in an Engineer. Call (905) 824-2557 for details. You’ll be pleased to know that your basement lowering project won’t increase your property taxes and won’t disrupt your household – only your basement is affected!

We are your Toronto Underpinning and Structural Repair Specialists!

  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Basement Walkout Repair
  • Bowing/Buckling Walls
  • Sinking Foundation
  • Footing Repairs
  • Crumbling Foundation
  • Cold Room Repair
  • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Available all year. Transferable Warranty.