Toronto Basement Foundation Repair
Toronto Basement Foundation Repair

Basics Of Toronto Basement Foundation Repair

Toronto basement foundation repair can be very easy and stress-free if you are equipped with the fundamental information concerning taking care of such repairs. The foundation of a building has direct contact with the underlying soil, underground vegetation, and layer of rocks.

The foundation of the basement is built to transfer the load of the whole building over this underlying layer. Basements that have issues compromise the structural integrity of the whole building. The primary cause of damages in the basement is too much moisture seepage, accompanied by soil shrinkage.

Basics of Toronto Basement Foundation Repair

There are several methods of repairing basement foundation. Some of those methods require the assistance of an expert and if your basement has serious damages, then its recommended you get an expert to fix it for you. For normal maintenance of your foundation, any of the following methods can be used:

    Patching Repairs Mortar application

Identifying Basement Repairs

There are some common signs and indications that show that you need a Toronto basement foundation repair, and they include:

    Uneven floors (this is indicated by water gathering in one spot) Diagonal cracks and openings at the edge of walls and exit/entry doors. Doors no longer open/close properly.

Cleaning Cracks

After locating any crack in the foundation, clean them comprehensively. Cleaning is relevant for the following reasons; first, for any kind of repairs, the material requires a debris-free, clean surface to hold properly. Second, by cleaning the cracks, you will be able to determine the kind of repair that will be required. Use a paintbrush or a chisel to clean out the loose fragments. Take a proper look the crack and determine the appropriate method of repair among the following methods.

Mortar-Based, Basic, Dry Basement Repair

This is the recommended method for fresh cracks and when there is no much damage done yet due to moisture seepage. The materials needed for such repairs are readily available. You can either use Portland mortar or hydraulic cement. These materials are packaged with instructions that are easy to follow. The cement/mortar should be mixed with water and sand based on the instructions. The mixture settles and dries in no time, making the whole process much easier.

You can also use this method to resolve any visible unevenness that is on the foundation of the basement. Sometimes such unevenness is caused by swelling in some areas of the foundation, causing minor spots that are depression-like. The mortar is appropriate for repairs like this once the surface of the floor has been smoothened and cleaned.

Filling-Type/Patching, Wet Basement Repairs

Stagnant water is a common issue in basements which beneath it soil with low-density or there is a plumbing leakage in the area. As a result of this, the moisture seepage can go beyond the basement and cause cracks in the drywalls.

The most appropriate method of handling such issues is patching the spots with leakage. Since the surface of leaking spots tend to be wet, some layers of the mortar applied will keep pulling off. Apply more mortar using a pointed trowel. Take off the excess mortar before you apply the next layer.


Toronto Basement Foundation Repair
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