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Toronto Braces for an Era Where Heavy Rain and Flooding is “The New Normal”
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Toronto Braces for an Era Where Heavy Rain and Flooding is “The New Normal”

April showers aren’t the only thing that Toronto has to worry about anymore.

May 2017 brought large amounts of rain which has resulted in historically high water levels to the lakeshore area and the Toronto Islands. This led to the closure of the Toronto Island and the halting of all ferry services. The Island has not seen this kind of flooding since 1993.

The Toronto Island will remain closed to the public until July 31st earliest. Since businesses on the island already have a limited window of time for operation, this is a devastating blow. All businesses have been forced to close their doors due to extensive flooding and a lack of potential customers. The financial hit has even led some businesses to close their doors permanently.

Torontonians did not let the island close without a fight, however. Over 30,000 sandbags and 9 industrial pumps have been placed on the Island, but with little success.

Now the island remains under a layer of water. No summer camps, no picnics, no petting zoo, no weddings – the island is closed for the summer.

The excess water is also causing flooding along the Lakeshore and in lower altitude areas downtown. Once the ground is saturated with water, the water begins to hover on the surface and flow with the slope of the ground. The government is combating flooding for public areas, but for the private home, this is a recipe for a personal disaster – basement flooding.

If you’re not sure if your basement is properly waterproofed, but don’t want to chance it there are many different options that the experts at GJ MacRae can provide!


How to Prevent your Basement from Flooding

All basements are susceptible to flooding, but there are a few measures that you can take to prevent water from getting in. This includes basement waterproofing, window well repairs, weeping tile installation and sump pump installation.


Waterproofing your basement is a great way to avoid a disaster. Whether your home is built above or below ground level, the foundation needs to be waterproofed to prevent flooding. When there is excess water, it can create hydrostatic pressure under your basement floors and against the walls. This pressure can force water through small cracks and openings. Beyond leaks and flooding, this can lead to major structural damage.

Window Wells

Windows that are located below ground require window wells. The window well is the part in front of the window that is there to keep away earth and drain water. If the seal on your windows is not strong, or your window wells do not have proper drainage, water can seep in and lead to a flood. Even if your windows in your basement didn’t leak before, the excess water that Toronto has seen over the last month can truly test your window seals. Avoid a damp basement by having your window wells properly sealed by the experts at GJ MacRae!

Weeping Tiles

The only way to achieve a completely waterproofed basement is by installing weeping tile. Weeping Tile works to prevent groundwater from building up under your basement floor and causing damage to your foundation. It does this by carrying water away from the foundation and into a storm drain or a sump box for the sump pump to push it away.

Sump Pump

A Sump Pump is an essential feature to relieve hydrostatic pressure from under a basement floor. The experts at GJ MacRae will come to your home and install a sump box inside your basement. The sump box houses the sump pump. The sump box will gather trapped groundwater and the sump pump will pump the water out and away from your foundation. This process is done automatically and will ensure that your basement stays dry and that the hydrostatic pressure does not lead to cracks that require foundation repair.

Eavestroughs and Downspouts

In order to keep your basement dry, it is important to ensure that your eavestroughs and downspouts are clear of debris and directed away from your foundation so that water can pass smoothly through it and away from your basement. Eavestroughs and Downspouts should be maintained twice a year to ensure that they are working properly!


What Makes GJ MacRae Different

GJ MacRae offers many different things to ensure that our customers receive the best and highest quality basement waterproofing and foundation repair possible. Check out some of the ways we stand out from the crowd!

About Us

GJ MacRae has been family owned and operated since 1975. Our team of licensed specialists work hard to provide all our valued customers with superior basement repair services. As homeowners, we know the importance of keeping a basement dry and completing a job right the first time. That’s why we ensure that all our staff are WHMIS trained, fully licensed, and insured!

Holmes on Holmes

GJ MacRae has even been featured on the hit HGTV series Holmes on Holmes! Our team loved working with the series to show what it takes to properly fix a leaky basement! Check out some clips from the show of our team in action here.

Service Area

We know that not all of our customers live in Toronto. That’s why we service most homes within the GTA! From Toronto West to Georgetown, GTA West to Burlington, Etobicoke to Milton, and Mississauga to Oakville – if your basement is in trouble, call the experts at GJ MacRae today or request a quote online!

Our Warranty

At GJ MacRae, we go beyond just waterproofing your basement. We provide our customers with peace of mind through our 15-year warranty on our basement crack repair. That means your basement is just dry this season, we protect it for years to come! Our warranties are also transferable. That means that even if you decide to sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner!


The rain in Toronto does not look like it is going to end anytime soon. Don’t fear a wet summer in Toronto. Call the experts at GJ MacRae at (905)824-2557 for a free quote! Prevent future flooding by letting the experts at GJ MacRae help keep your basement dry, no matter how much rain Toronto gets this summer!

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